Hi and welcome to my personal bonsai blog. Without knowing exactly where this will go, I suspect it will meander through my ongoing attempts to improve my 'growing' collection of bonsai*/sticks in buckets.* (*delete as appropriate) If anybody actually reads this, bear with me & maybe it will start to make some sense. (But don't bet on it!!)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

"Boss" Fuchsia

This Fuchsia moved to my garden (again courtesy of Urban Yamadori) as a bare stump in early 06. At first it produced no growth at all and I was convinced it had given up the ghost. I left it in a corner assuming the worst. At the end of the summer I found it had gone crazy, all in a couple of months. Picture after just a seasons growth.

First pot in early 07 (a bit too small but the tree was strong and as it happened it allowed me to pot up later in the year)


Having found a 'brash' pot and a stand (the latter off eBay -from Germany!) I put it in the club show, years ahead of when I thought it would be show-able.

If I'm honest it was a cynical attempt to attract the public vote because of its flowers but as they say ....the best laid plans etc.etc... it was then placed third by the shows Judge -Tony Tickle.

Just goes to show, its always worth putting your trees in the show... and seeing what others think.

Urban Yamadori Hawthorn

Below is a pictorial history of the ongoing development and anticipated future for a Massive Hawthorn acquired from Urban Yamadori (-Anthony O'Toole to you and me. ) The first picture is from mid 2006 when Anthony dropped it off at my gaff. (his van was the only means of carrying it!!)
Following lots of pondering it became obvious the best route forward for this monster was as a Sumo.As acquired
winter 08 image
Virtual of hoped for future (developed with a little help from Lee-cheers mate!!)

I look forward to trying to reach this goal- wish me luck!