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Monday, 26 February 2007

Move house- new table

By way of a start to my personal blog I thought I would illustrate my most recent large scale project, the building of a new display/work table. Having moved house and, to be honest being disappointed with my attempts at a previous table I decided to do the next one properly.
First I did a bit of research on t’internet and having read Kevin Baileys article on bench design
http://www.actionvideo.freeserve.co.uk/benches.htm I decided on the direction to take.
Being a designer with access to 3D software (Solidworks -if anybody's interested), the first thing I did was to build a model of the area of my garden that was to become my new bonsai home. To make it accurate I had to go around the garden measuring important items, to allow me to accurately plot the site using triangulation. See pictures 1 & 2 below for results.

I then designed & built the table (in 3D software) to fit the available space, allowing for positioning around drain pipes, manhole covers etc.

When I was happy with the design I used the information in the 3D to work out exactly how much wood I would need( it was expensive enough-I didnt want to order to much or even worse to little!!) . I then ordered the wood from a wood yard, 4”x4” for the uprights and 2”x4” for the cross members -I wanted it to be substantial -following my previous ‘attempts’.

I then produced a 2D engineering drawing from the CAD info, allowing me to easily get wood cut length and fixing dimensions.

Then all I needed to do was build it!! I gave away the shed that had been sitting in the same position-this gave me enough room to assemble the sections bit by bit (or so I thought).

I started by building the table top, followed by the two end leg sections. By this time I had come to terms with the size of my 'creation' not to mention the weight! (A symptom of my desire for a substantial table.)
Heaving the sections into position I joined table to legs followed by the long roof beams. I decided at this point to put the short roof beams on when the table was in position, by my reckoning I probably couldn't have lifted the completed table on my own. (The memsaab being willing but probably too 'delicate' for the job of builders mate!!)

I wish I had taken pictures of the build but you'll have to believe me that the lifting operation reminded me of a programme on channel 5- Monster Moves -but without the hydraulics. The build took place during last summer (06) so the heat took its toll too.

Eventually it was completed and finished with a couple of coats of stained wood preserver.

Time to sit back and admire, but not for too long -there's always some trees to work on!!

Pictures of completed table to follow.

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