Hi and welcome to my personal bonsai blog. Without knowing exactly where this will go, I suspect it will meander through my ongoing attempts to improve my 'growing' collection of bonsai*/sticks in buckets.* (*delete as appropriate) If anybody actually reads this, bear with me & maybe it will start to make some sense. (But don't bet on it!!)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

"Boss" Fuchsia

This Fuchsia moved to my garden (again courtesy of Urban Yamadori) as a bare stump in early 06. At first it produced no growth at all and I was convinced it had given up the ghost. I left it in a corner assuming the worst. At the end of the summer I found it had gone crazy, all in a couple of months. Picture after just a seasons growth.

First pot in early 07 (a bit too small but the tree was strong and as it happened it allowed me to pot up later in the year)


Having found a 'brash' pot and a stand (the latter off eBay -from Germany!) I put it in the club show, years ahead of when I thought it would be show-able.

If I'm honest it was a cynical attempt to attract the public vote because of its flowers but as they say ....the best laid plans etc.etc... it was then placed third by the shows Judge -Tony Tickle.

Just goes to show, its always worth putting your trees in the show... and seeing what others think.

Urban Yamadori Hawthorn

Below is a pictorial history of the ongoing development and anticipated future for a Massive Hawthorn acquired from Urban Yamadori (-Anthony O'Toole to you and me. ) The first picture is from mid 2006 when Anthony dropped it off at my gaff. (his van was the only means of carrying it!!)
Following lots of pondering it became obvious the best route forward for this monster was as a Sumo.As acquired
winter 08 image
Virtual of hoped for future (developed with a little help from Lee-cheers mate!!)

I look forward to trying to reach this goal- wish me luck!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Trident Root over Rock

El Torcal

I decided to purchase this tree on ebay in 2005 (as a birthday present from my Dad!) having just come back from Southern Spain and a trip to El Torcal Nature reserve in Antequera.
Previously I had thought root over rock was a bit of an anachronism, how could anything grow like this??

How wrong was I?
As you walk through gullies in the rock formations, trees tower above you as roots as thick as your arm snake through crevices in the walls and feed the canopy above.

As seen on ebay

As of October 07

I need to lower the top a bit and extend the growth to the right but I think its coming on- & it will always remind me of a sunny day walking in Spain (and also that you don't have to see something to believe it's possible.)

Monday, 25 June 2007

Yew beauty

This tree came into my possession after seeing it on the Kaizen website and a subsequent long conversation with Graham regarding its history, health and structure/layout. Below is a review of its early period of Quayle based residency.

As acquired in early 06

Workshop @ Burrs with Kevin Wilson adding detail. Following lengthy discussions we had also decided to remove the inverse taper evident in the upper part of the dead wood.

Yew as off June 07

Virtual produced to explore possibilites

Initially as per virtual above, I wanted to maintain a level of foliage that spread in front of the dead wood (not sure if this qualifies as tenjin style) but following Kevin's input, the dead wood in this area is of such quality and adds so much character it would be a crime to keep it hidden.

Plus I was initially going to wire and style the tree during June but it has put on so much new but delicate growth I've decided to let this harden off prior to wiring as I was afraid I might knock off the new shoots in the attempt.

Patience is a virtue (so they say!!)

Sunday, 24 June 2007

English Elm -A 'Potted' history Pt 2

Update on English Elm.
Unfortunatly I forgot to take a picture before the 'tidy up' which basically was cutting off the excess foliage (there was a lot!)- wiring the finer branches can be done next spring before the new buds open.

Monday, 23 April 2007

English Elm -A 'Potted' history

Below is a pictorial history of a tree acquired from an enthusiast in East Anglia who had originally bought it from Graham Potter. Having talked to Graham at a show he said that he had collected it himself from a wood near his house and was surprised it had been sold, as it was one of only a few clothed in very small leaves.

This picture is 'virtually' as acquired but with the start of a new lower right branch

Winter image as of Jan 07

Tree pre Kevin Willson at Burrs 07 & following discussions with Ian Warhurst & an initial chop back.

Kev's sketch for development

Kevin in action.....

.....still going

...and dealing with the inverse taper evident at the apex of the tree.

Tree post carving but pre wiring

Detail of uro

Detail of apex

The wired & finished tree (for the moment!)

I'd say Kevin has produced a huge leap forward in the development of the tree, what do you think?

NB. Plans for the future include growing a branch to fill the gap at the 11 o'clock position plus extending the dead wood down into the front nebari.

Monday, 16 April 2007

Table/Shelves Update

This weekend and the fine weather gave me the first opportunity to complete the 'hard landscaping' in the bonsai area of the garden. I built two shelf areas to house my smaller trees and accents plus built a brick planter to take a clematis that hopefully will 'frame' the area.

Below the shelves also gives me more 'trees under development' storage space- which is nice!!!

Below is a picture of the completed 'construction.'