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Monday, 23 April 2007

English Elm -A 'Potted' history

Below is a pictorial history of a tree acquired from an enthusiast in East Anglia who had originally bought it from Graham Potter. Having talked to Graham at a show he said that he had collected it himself from a wood near his house and was surprised it had been sold, as it was one of only a few clothed in very small leaves.

This picture is 'virtually' as acquired but with the start of a new lower right branch

Winter image as of Jan 07

Tree pre Kevin Willson at Burrs 07 & following discussions with Ian Warhurst & an initial chop back.

Kev's sketch for development

Kevin in action.....

.....still going

...and dealing with the inverse taper evident at the apex of the tree.

Tree post carving but pre wiring

Detail of uro

Detail of apex

The wired & finished tree (for the moment!)

I'd say Kevin has produced a huge leap forward in the development of the tree, what do you think?

NB. Plans for the future include growing a branch to fill the gap at the 11 o'clock position plus extending the dead wood down into the front nebari.

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John T said...

Mighty fine. Thanks for sharing. I'm learning a lot from artists such as yourself. Questions: Once carved -- do you treat the exposed wood? Leave it for natural color? Do you have to protect or seal any edges near the live tree trunk parts?