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Friday, 16 March 2007

Development of a Shohin White Pine

Below is a pictorial history of a white pine bought from John Hanby in early 2004. Its a typical example of the mass produced trees available for a reasonable price. This was my first pine and I bought it to try and learn the skills needed to tame and (more importantly) keep the species healthy/alive!!
Tree as bought.

Some 'quick and dirty' virtuals- done to try and find the best option within the tree!

Looking back now I wonder if the right decision was made, but you can't go back and I have to go with the thought that it must have appeared to be the right thing to do at the time!!
New front

Decision made! As it happens I decided it was to become a shohin from an idea that hadn't been 'virtualed.' They had however, been useful in terms of knocking some ideas 'out.'

Initial job done!

Repotted, but this pot was later concidered to be a 'tad' to large.
The tree in a new smaller pot -photo taken pre wiring at a 2006 Burrs workshop.

The pine in March 2007 after 1st off refining (if it can be called that!!)

One possible future development, achievable following a bit more growth.

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