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Monday, 25 June 2007

Yew beauty

This tree came into my possession after seeing it on the Kaizen website and a subsequent long conversation with Graham regarding its history, health and structure/layout. Below is a review of its early period of Quayle based residency.

As acquired in early 06

Workshop @ Burrs with Kevin Wilson adding detail. Following lengthy discussions we had also decided to remove the inverse taper evident in the upper part of the dead wood.

Yew as off June 07

Virtual produced to explore possibilites

Initially as per virtual above, I wanted to maintain a level of foliage that spread in front of the dead wood (not sure if this qualifies as tenjin style) but following Kevin's input, the dead wood in this area is of such quality and adds so much character it would be a crime to keep it hidden.

Plus I was initially going to wire and style the tree during June but it has put on so much new but delicate growth I've decided to let this harden off prior to wiring as I was afraid I might knock off the new shoots in the attempt.

Patience is a virtue (so they say!!)

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This is going to be a winner mate. Look forward to the first styling

All the best