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Monday, 15 October 2007

Trident Root over Rock

El Torcal

I decided to purchase this tree on ebay in 2005 (as a birthday present from my Dad!) having just come back from Southern Spain and a trip to El Torcal Nature reserve in Antequera.
Previously I had thought root over rock was a bit of an anachronism, how could anything grow like this??

How wrong was I?
As you walk through gullies in the rock formations, trees tower above you as roots as thick as your arm snake through crevices in the walls and feed the canopy above.

As seen on ebay

As of October 07

I need to lower the top a bit and extend the growth to the right but I think its coming on- & it will always remind me of a sunny day walking in Spain (and also that you don't have to see something to believe it's possible.)

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wow nice tree